A success story

Passione di famiglia da generazioni

A story of family, which began in 1950 and continues to this day, with the same passion and the same search for that combination of tradition and innovation that characterises Longo cheeses.
The journey made by our products lies within the family, and its origin coincides with its destination: from nature to your kitchen, to savour the freshness and genuine goodness of the Piedmont cheese-making art and to taste our cheeses with those you love.
The values that make Caseificio Longo great all come from within the family and the running of a home, along with the recipes and processing methods, handed down from generation to generation and shared with a team that works to achieve a common aim: to take the uniqueness of its cheeses beyond the borders of the Canavese region and Piedmont. 

Longo cheeses

100% Piedmont milk


The freshest white cheeses, with a soft, compact consistency and the simple flavour of fresh Piedmont milk.

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Cheeses with varying levels of maturity, with a sustained structure and full, sweet, spicy and mellow flavours. To each his own.

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Caseificio Longo's gourmet selection. Our refined specialities feature our most popular cheeses combined with recipes and innovative proposals.

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All the fresh and delicate flavour of Longo products, but with less than 0.1% lactose, so that everyone can enjoy Caseificio Longo cheeses.

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