The Canavese area: a place of excellence

A wealth of food and wine just waiting to be discovered

A land of beautiful countryside, traditions and characteristic festivals, with historical pageants, a passion for the culinary arts and for the flavours of the past revisited in a modern key: the Canavese region is all this and much, much more. 
It stretches from the north of Turin as far as the border with the Valle d’Aosta, hosting a food and wine culture that comprises specialities that are both prized and unique in their kind, known and appreciated all over Italy.
A journey through the Canavese district is a journey to explore a variety of flavours and recipes which have made the history of the territory.
Caseificio Longo was born in the heart of this beautiful setting and it injects the main features of the Canavese culture in its cheeses to create a rich, traditional and high quality production.
From Bosconero to the rest of the world: thanks to modern equipment, an advanced quality management system and meticulous logistics service that is always on time, the company has taken on the challenges linked with the distribution of typical Piedmontese products throughout Italy and the world.

Longo cheeses

100% Piedmont milk


The freshest white cheeses, with a soft, compact consistency and the simple flavour of fresh Piedmont milk.

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Cheeses with varying levels of maturity, with a sustained structure and full, sweet, spicy and mellow flavours. To each his own.

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Caseificio Longo's gourmet selection. Our refined specialities feature our most popular cheeses combined with recipes and innovative proposals.

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All the fresh and delicate flavour of Longo products, but with less than 0.1% lactose, so that everyone can enjoy Caseificio Longo cheeses.

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