Casa Longo


Casa Longo is a unique and special place, where time stands still to offer visitors the chance to enjoy the taste of Piedmontese tradition in all its goodness, paying particular attention to the flavours and products of the Canavese region

The fresh and mature cheeses and the specialities made by Caseificio Longo are joined by a rich selection of the best local produce from neighbouring areas: wines, cured meats, pasta, brandy and all the other items available are all artisan products synonymous with high quality, capable of satisfying the most demanding palates which are constantly searching for the authentic flavours of Canavese tradition. 

All this is joined by Serafino's: the café at Casa Longo, where you can enjoy coffee the way it used to be, along with artisan yoghurt and ice-cream, made according to the antique traditional recipes, handed down from generation to generation, the quality of which is guaranteed by the use of 100% Piedmontese milk and the finest ingredients. 

Breakfast every morning from 5.00, delicious aperitifs every day and, every Friday, the unmissable AperiTomino, to enjoy new and creative recipes made using Caseificio Longo products, paired with the best local wines.

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