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Distributing fresh cheeses without affecting the qualities and characteristics that make them special is far from easy. It requires specific means capable of defending the quality of the cheeses, keeping them constantly at the ideal temperature to preserve their flavour.
For decades Caseificio Longo has been working with supermarket chains and important commercial organisations throughout Italy, distributing the finest quality products to them with a common aim: customer satisfaction.
Thanks to strictly operated and efficient logistics, Caseificio Longo is able to directly supply its partners, optimising distribution times to guarantee the quality and ensure the freshness of its products. 

Mass distribution for restaurants


The quality of Longo isn't exclusive to supermarkets: restaurants, pizzerias and hotels, in the Canavese region and all over Italy, use our cheeses for their antipasti, rice and pasta dishes and main courses, and even in their desserts, giving our products a whole new lease of life. 
The genuine goodness and freshness of our products is a source of inspiration for cooks and chefs who choose them to put their culinary creativity into practice, to surprise consumers with healthy, special and delicious dishes.
Thanks to the efficiency of our logistics service, we can supply our partners with products that are fresh and of the finest quality, to satisfy all lovers of good and typically Italian food.

Made in Italy, loved in Europe


From Bosconero to Rivarolo Canavese, around the whole world: the journey of Caseificio Longo's products goes beyond the national borders to promote the quality and taste of Canvese and Piedmontese tradition.  
Distribution times are extremely important when it comes to preserving the flavour of cheeses, especially fresh ones: thanks to partnerships with important import-export organisations that deal with foodstuffs, we can guarantee the promptest supply service, worldwide.

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