Tomino del Boscaiolo BBQ: a delicious idea for your grilling

Easter and Easter Monday are approaching: it is still a bit early to take a look at the weather forecasts, even if we all hope that there will be a beautiful sun, or at least that it does not rain!

If you are already planning a picnic, what better time than a lunch out for a nice barbecue? And besides the traditional meat and vegetables, have you ever thought of trying our Tomino del Boscaiolo in the BBQ version? Its soft and compact texture and its maturation give it a unique texture and its unmistakable flavor, sweet and with a slight spicy vein, are perfect for igniting the taste.
One of our most famous and appreciated products thus becomes the ideal base for a delicious hamburger like the one conceived and prepared by the guys from the IFSE Culinary Institute in Turin: a grilled Tomino del Boscaiolo is at the center of a sandwich enriched with barbecue sauce, bacon and grilled peppers, tomato, lettuce and a delicious onion, avocado and lime pesto.
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And in addition to the Tomino in the BBQ version we can recommend three classic dishes of the Easter (and spring) tradition Made in Longo. As a first course we offer garganelli with Paglierina cream and asparagus, which are an excellent solution for Easter in case you decide to have lunch at home. Two other great classics such as the pasqualina cake with Paglierina, spinach and whole eggs or the savory cake with Paglierina and asparagus are delicious savory dishes, to be shared and enjoyed outdoors.

From Caseificio Longo a wish for a happy Easter!

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